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Honolua Ridge Hike
$125 per hiker | 3 hours

Located in West Maui, above the prestigious Kapalua resort area, this extraordinary hike takes you into the historic Maunalei Arboretum, ascending the Honolua Ridgeline, ending at an incredible lookout with panoramic views of the Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve.

Forget about waterfalls!  This tour helps you understand why waterfalls exist in the first place.  In addition to the captivating stories and endless knowledge from your naturalist guide, adventure seekers can swing from vines on one of Maui’s largest Banyan trees, as well as walk through an ancient coffee farm and marvel at some of our island’s oldest native trees.

This trail is 2 miles roundtrip with several stop along the way.  It’s perfect for the whole family and all ages are welcome.  Our guides are local, born and raise on Maui, with incredible knowledge and insight of our cherished island we call home.  No one is doing what we’re doing, so come with us into the mountains and discover what you’ve been missing on your Maui vacation.


What People are saying

Highlight of our trip! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours we spent hiking (easy hike) with Kevin in what feels like his personal forest. He knows every aspect of it – its flora and fauna, its geological, agricultural, social and political history – and is a master guide and talented educator. We came away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the delicate balance between the indigenous and the exotic that created (and hopefully will endure in) the beauty of this island. And through this, we came to appreciate the uniqueness of Hawaii and its cultures. Highly recommended!
Incredibly unique experience to hear about and see conservation land on private land! We learned a lot about the history of the authentic/invasive/foreign vegetation and the importance of the watershed conservation in the West Maui Mountains (and Hawaii in general). Really changed the way I think about water runoff and how downstream ecosystems are affected by changes in that run off.

Our guide Kevin was very knowledgeable and passionate about this area having a direct family history connection to it.

Hike is pretty easy. Hiking or running shoes are still a good idea with the few slippery spots if it’s wet which it usually is.

We really enjoyed the tour!

Kevin has more than a deep knowledge of Maui’s history, botany and culture. He is a wonderful story eller and guide…and he’s a really nice guy who has answers to your questions. He speaks to the efforts to restore the native species to this island that can preserve the habitat and the resources on which those who live here depend. An outing you should not miss! P.S. not too rigorous a walk!
We have done guided hikes on Maui before but this one really hit the sweet spot of a gorgeous not-too-taxing hike and great learning about Maui’s flora and history. Kevin has such enthusiasm for Hawaii and nature, and was a fun and educational tour guide.
Before you look at booking the stereotypical luau or snorkeling, book this hike. Not only is the hike super accessible for all level hikers, but you leave with tangible knowledge and a connection to this island even locals can appreciate. This hike is beautiful at every turn and Kevin has a wealth of information that will just blow your mind. More people should know about this place and how hard they work to preserve it. Mahalo Kevin for one of the best experiences I’ve had on the island.
Staying at the Westin Kaanapali Resort. The concierge recommended this hike. We loved it! Kevin is so knowledgeable about plant life on Maui and the importance of a healthy watershed. The views were spectacular, highly recommended!
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Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve

Pu’u Kukui is Hawaiian for “Hill of Enlightenment”
At nearly 12, 000 acres, Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve is the largest private nature preserve in the state of Hawai’i, responsible for taking care of the most pristine watershed from mauka to ma kai of Mauna Kahālāwai on Mauiʻs West side. The unique biodiversity of the area is extremely rare and a wonder to see. This area is a vital water source for Mauiʻs community and one of the wettest spots on earth and is home to some of the rarest endangered flora and fauna in the islands. Over 300 native plant species can be found in the preserve; including nine plant species on the US Endangered Species List and Hawai’i’s only mammal species: the ‘Ope’a’pe’a or Hawaiian Hoary Bat and the ‘ilioholoikauaua or Hawaiian Monk Seal, both of which are endangered. The preserve hosts many native species, some in natural habitats as pristine as when the first Polynesians arrived on the islands about 1,500 years ago.

Pu’u Ku Kui serves as the source of both irrigation and potable water for Kapalua Resort, Kapala Farms, Maui Pineapple Co. and West Maui residents from Kapalua to Honokowai. Conservation endeavors include non-native invasive species control, weed control, monitoring, research and most importantly protecting rare species.